Practical Graphene Products

We bring this wonderful, exciting product to your home and business

Graphene Face Mask

Super-G, 3 ply Graphene coated facemask 

 Our facemasks are machine washable up to 10 times
Antibacterial facemask, 100% cotton lining for comfort fit

ONLY 0.65p per day/use 

Facemasks or face coverings are now need when you travel on public transport in the UK

Ideal for public transport, air travel or where safe distancing is not possible.


   Why our mask ?  YouTube:

Electric Sprayer 

One Litre battery operated sprayer, with USB charging cable.
Ideal for Home/Office/ Shop
Spray sanitisers, insecticides and water
Use HOCL to Kill 99.5% of bacteria, it contains no alcohol and
is non toxic, safe to use on all surfaces. Sprayer on fogging setting: 

Available in white, blue, pink and yellow

HOCL Steriliser Spray

2 x 100Ml Spray Sanitiser, Non Toxic , kills 99.5% bacterial
HOCL is a powerful oxidant, made naturally by the bodies immune system, Its non toxic and contains no alcohol 
For Skin , Clothes and any surface

Others sizes in shop


So many applications and benefits

Graphene is a diverse material and when combined with other elements , solutions or materials  enhances the properties of the product. Worldwide research contines at a pace with new products comming to the market constantly in many sectors including:
Healthcare, Electronics, Energy, Disalination.